Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Working in the hanger.

Nathan and I pause for a photo while performing "light maintenance" on OB-1671.

The sign of yet another very good day at the hanger.


People ask sometimes what I do while flying for hours on end. Well, I look at clouds of course! These pictures were all taken the same day, its amazing to see how fast things change and how varied the clouds can be from one area to the next. Each cloud tells a story. Thunderstorms in development, rain showers, high sun blocking clouds for shade, and post rain ground scud that looks like God's fingerprint. Can you name any of these cloud types?

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Every tuesday afternoon after work I hurry over to the SAM center where we play soccer. Lately there have been 12-18 people coming, that means 3 teams with one rotating out every 10-15 minutes. The field is not regulation size by any means but it is close to level and has real grass/weeds growing on it.

It it usually a mix of people from the Mil Palmeras church (Thousand Palms Church) and other mission organizations that come to play. I had been playing offense but started to play more defense recently. I like heading the ball out of the zone and trying to stop the attackers. Since my footwork is not the best playing in the back suits me better. I get to kick more people in the shins that way...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Power Play

No, this post is not about hockey... although I do love the game and miss being able to watch The coolest game on ice, this post is about power outages.
Last night it cooled down to about 80 degrees, with a fan running and the windows open I am able to sleep OK. However, at 6am on Saturday morning we lost power for the day. Power outages are fairly common, I would say the power goes out at least once a week. At the hanger we have a backup generator with an automatic switch that will restore power within 8 seconds! At home... the ice cream just melts.
This has been quite frustrating for me, especially on the weekends when I am at home. So I decided to pull my own ¨power play¨ thanks to Uncle Sam. Part of this years tax return will be going to a beautiful red Honda generator. 2000 watts is enough to run the fridge, TV, and lights. I´ll be sure to post a picture once I pick it up. Hopefully within 2 weeks (it needs to come from Lima). Now all I need is a big Detroit Red Wings sticker to put on the side of the generator...