Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wrist update

Two weeks ago I had my cast removed. After visiting the doctor one last time in Peru and looking at new x-rays ($8) I was told that the bones healed correctly. I still had some pain in certain movements but it has slowly decreased over the past 2 weeks.

The doctor told me to wear a wrist race and also to do exercises. This has helped and I wold say that right now I am at 90%. Please continue to pray for complete healing as I start flying in 2 weeks and need to be healthy for that training here at JAARS.

Back in the USA

I may be fairly young still but I do remember hearing a song on the radio with a line going something like this: Back in the USSR, you don't know how lucky you are.
I arrived back in the USA about 2 weeks ago and have settled in at the JAARS center where I am doing my Technical Orientation. Right now I am attending maintenance classes from 8-5 during the day. The classes are specific to the Cessna 206 airplane that we fly in Peru.

Once the maintenance portion is finished in 2 more weeks, I will begin the flight portion of the orientation. Again this will be with Cessna 206 airplanes just like we have in Peru. For those of you that are interested, these are C-206 G models, that have been modified to with heavy duty landing gear, Flint aero tip tanks, GAMI injectors, Continental IO-550 (300 hp) engine, and other structural beef ups including windshield V-brace, and Horton STOL kits. If some of that is Greek to you, then know that basically all these things are aftermarket modifications to make the plane, stronger, faster, and able to take the abuse that is associated with jungle flying.

I am enjoying myself though and prefer the technical classes instead of my Spanish classes for a change. So, even though I am not in the USSR, I still feel excited to be around airplanes again.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


For my "last supper" in Arequipa, my host family made my favorite Arequipan dish. We had Rocoto Relleno, which is stuffed red (hot) peppers. They are filled with hard boiled eggs, meat, cheese, and some other spices. Served with potatoes, they are are a very savory and eye watering dish. I will miss my host home as I will be in the USA for a little over 2 months completing an Aviation Technical Orientation course at Waxhaw, NC. But after my time is finished I will be returning to Arequipa, Peru and completing the rest of my Spanish language school.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


This weekend I was on my way to the bus stop when I saw a street vendor selling something that caught my eye. At first I was not sure what it was but upon closer inspection, I could hardly believe my eyes. There in from of me were strawberries! I quickly purchased one kilo, about 2 pounds, for 6 Soles, or $2.

Arriving home 1/2 an hour later, I washed the strawberries and broke out the blender. With some strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and a little milk, I had myself a real treat. A genuine strawberry milkshake. I was quite pleased even though it was not quite on par with the Village Dipper in Drenthe, MI.

Even 3000 miles away, I had a taste of home. What a wonderful and tasty blessing from the Lord.