Saturday, May 19, 2012

Doors Off

 Some tourists from Europe called us up and wanted to do some video filming on the surrounding area. I flew an hour out from Santa Cruz to where they were staying, took off the cargo doors, and get the situated with a tripod all tied down and held securely in place.

This was their first time filming from an airplane like this, the Cessna 206 is nice for this kind of work as removing the cargo doors gives a wide area to shoot pictures from.

Good shot of the camera guys and the open doorway looking at the hills

Spectacular rock faces, always love seeing this and it was even more of a treat to look at it up close for filming!

San Fernando

A few weeks ago I got back from another trip to San Fernando. This is a small village of about 200 people where SAM has had a missionary working for the last 2 years. Recently a Bolivian couple decided that they would like to take over the work from the other missionary and I had the privileged of bringing them to San Fernando.

My usual accommodations are a tent with an airmattress set up on the church stage. Not the more comfortable, but its ok for one night at a time. Thankfully it was cooler than previous times when I have been there. 75 degrees instead of 90!

Jose Luis got me going in the morning with a breakfast of steak... not quite like IHOP but it works.

Nothing quite like flying on a beautiful morning. I was going to Robere to bring some supplies out to another village about 30 minutes away. The missionaries who live out there took 2 days to travel by road to Robere!

Robere, south eastern Bolivia. There is a highway and a rail road which connect this town to Santa Cruz.

Supplies and plastic chairs (a first for me to transport in the plane) going out to Santo Corazon in support of a children's after school program which the missionaries run. They had some of their food stolen recently and had to purchase more!