Saturday, January 16, 2010

On the mend.

Well, almost two weeks after my episode with the Chicken Pox started, things are winding down. On Sunday the last new sore appeared and since then all of the sores have been healing up and one by one going away. I was finally able to go back into work on Wednesday and spent the rest of the week in the office and shop floor doing aircraft maintenance. Thankfully I felt good enough to work because I was starting to go crazy staying at home all day long.
This next Tuesday I will begin flying again. I am looking forward to flying the friendly skies and am very thankful that by that time, my face wont scare any of the passengers. Thank you to those who prayed and dropped me some line of encouragement. To the best of my knowledge there was not a single picture that was taken over the past two weeks. Thus there will be no evidence and the memory of this episode can quietly fade away. It sure is one memory that I wish to never repeat!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Chicken Pox

Its been almost a month since my last post. But, this once sure is a doosie! On Monday and Tuesday of this week I had a roaring headache and fever. I thought it was from being overly tired and not getting enough sleep but on Wedneday I noticed some small red spots on my body as well. I went to the Doctor here in Pucallpa in the afternoon and sure enough, he confirmed that I had Chicken Pox. He was pretty excited as he even called in the secretary to show her what he called a "classic case". Guess they dont get it down here that often.
Never having had the vacine, and never having had the virus either, I guess it was just my time to get it. So I have been strickly ordered to stay in the house and limit my contact with other people. Not only is that a bit boring, but it makes it lonely as well.
From what I hear, the sores continue to come out for 4-5 days and then they start healing up which could take up to an additional week or more. Today, Friday, is the second full day of the sores coming out. As anyone who has had it before can attest, it does itch and your head feels like a pin cushion and looks like one as well!
So I am keeping a low profile, taking naps, reading, updating the blog, etc. One thing I am not doing is posting anypictures. I'm pretty sure NOBODY wants to see that...