Sunday, June 10, 2007


Yesterday a group of us from the language school went to see some waterfalls in Yarabamba. We had been invited by some Peruvians to see some of the rugged beauty of Peru. Showing up promptly at our meeting place in San Antonio at 8:30 was a good reminder that we are still foreigners... about 45 minutes later our Peruvian friends showed up and off we went on our 6 mile hike.

This part of Peru is very much like Arizona or New Mexico. A desert with rocks and mountains, yet green valleys fed by mountain streams.

I had my handheld GPS with me and was able to track our progress as we climbed from 7500' up to 9000' over the course of 3 miles. We arrived at the Yarabamba waterfall hot and tired, but it was very beautiful.

Being the adventurous sort, I tried to get as close as I could to the waterfall with out falling into the frigged pool of water as the base of the falls. Well I ended up getting to close and went slip-sliding down into the very WET and VERY cold water. After scampering out and removing my wet shoes and shirt, I was ready to jump in again so my friends could get some good pictures. (I will post them once I receive them.)

In all, we had a very good trip. It was quite tiring, but atleast one memeber of the group did get some sleep along the way... I am also happy to report that by the time we returned to Arequipa, my shoes were finally dry!


Linda said...

Dave, thanks for all your trouble in sharing your photos and log of the weekend. We love it!!

Daniel said...

Dave, that sounds alot like the time you and I and Lauren and some others went to Starved Rock in Ill. and I fell into the water. It's always good for some memories.

aimee said...

Dave, tu no puedes mirar esta foto y dices que estoy "photogenic" En realidad, yo veo GORDA! que pena! Tengo langrimas de cocodrilo! ~a