Saturday, January 19, 2008

The shoe fix

There are definetly some advantages to living here in Peru. One of them is that some things are very cheap. My sneakers were starting to come apart after playing soccer in them. The cement courts are not very forgiving on shoes or wrists for that matter either. Since they do not sell shoes larger than size 11 here, I have to bring all my size 12 shoes from the USA. I currently have about 5 new pairs waiting to be used within the next 2 years.

I went down the street to the local shoe repair person and he was able to cut out the old material and sew in a piece of leather that should do the trick. I did have to go back and forth to the store 3 times because the hours are not really 9-5 and 3pm seems like the hour for taking a nap, but for $2 I was on my way again with some repaired shoes.

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Daniel said...

awesome. Welcome to the world of living cheap!

I'm jealous.

I didn't pass my MAF TE. The Simulator for my IFR evaluation killed me. Everything else was fine, even good. So I'm going back in on Monday to talk with them about what I need to do to get that "Unacceptable" grade to an "MAF Standard" or even better. They want to work with me on this one, and I've got another week in the area, so hopefully, we'll get it squared away.