Friday, March 28, 2008

Technologically advanced

One of the signs of developing 3rd world countries is the acceptance and implementation of 1st word technologies. Today, I saw this demonstrated first hand.
Peruvians are very resourceful and continue to amaze me more and more every day. I saw a gentleman today who was delivering furniture. Instead of carrying the furniture on his back, like other lesser devolved countries would do, this man had fashion a custom three wheeled furniture transporter!

Featuring a remarkable blend in technology of adequate transportation space, combined with low drag from only three wheels, this man had not only achieve a low carbon footprint (something highly sought after in 1st world countries) but had also solved the problem of maintaining his slim figure by fashioning an ingenious direct drive system that was self powered. A slim figure by the way is HIGHLY desirable in 1st world countries, even more so than low carbon emissions.

Security for the transportation module was simplistically brilliant. Any potential thief would have to be extremely physically fit to out run the Police in their "High carbon foot print" 4x4 vehicles. To top it all off, I also witnessed the very latest in "adaptive new technology use". Two computer mice were used to secure the vehicle from rolling away while the transportation module was not attended. What better way to not only make a fashion statement, but also provide the ultimate in home PC security. Everyone knows, with out a mouse, your sunk trying to navigate about the latest 486 desktop PC here in Peru.

For those of you unfamiliar with the 486 computer, 1st world countries have found the following uses for these multipurpose machines: They are adequately sized to be used as targets for various calibers of guns at shooting ranges, ideally suted for placement in most modern landfills, serve as excellent dust collectors in many basements, and one or two have even been spotted in museums of technology and history. A few users have had occasional operational problems with this most recent of technologies. After all, it's there to HELP you and make life SIMPLER. However, your mileage may vary...


Anonymous said...

We got a good laugh out of your writing...thanks! Praying for all the license things to work out...we'll be there soon!

Jason A said...

Let me guess. You were attempting to use AOPA's online flight planner on a 486 over a modem......... You actually pounded the buttons off the keypad.. Relax dude! Take a hint from local talent and use the keyboard for a kickstand for your motorcycle, or get two for wheel chocks if mice are in short supply.