Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The latest

Well I had been waiting for my pilot certifacte to come through and the latest word was that I would have a checkride on the 22nd of this month. Then today we heard from the government that I would need to got to Lima again because my pilot license was ready to be picked up! Without having to do a checkride... So I don´t really understand it, but I will take that! Not sure when I will be going but I would imagine in a week or so.

I am still flying with my Chief Pilot here. We had a 5 hour traing flight yesterday with the float plane. I will post some pictures as I came into town where there is fast inernet. Yes, we do land on there rivers. Some of the approaches require low turns over the river or on take off you have to follow the river while you climb out above the trees!


Christi said...

Yay for finally getting your license! Got to love the way things work here in is so much fun. Those are some great pictures of the river...good job on the photography.

Ed said...

One never knows. Just take it and say, "Thank you, Lord!" Some things don't make sense and those usually are the ones that people have prayed about the most. Only God can weave the tapestry so that we'll view the final result as His handiwork.

Daniel said...

Hey man... It's been too long. I'm joining MAF in just 6 (six) weeks! I'm stoked.