Friday, February 27, 2009

Middle on the Jungle!

Hello from the deep jungle of Peru! As I sit here over 300 miles away from my home base of Cashibo, I am amazed at the computer that sits before me in this small Peruvian town. Today was a long day of flying the float plane and in the end, due to bad weather, I was not able to get back home! The small town that I am staying in is build arond an oil drilling rig that us just a few miles away. We keep fuel in 55 gallon drums here and although I have been many times to this location, this is the first time I will be spending the night.
I was VERY supprised to find a place that had internet access! I am actually sitting next to a bare foot kid of 10 years of age who is playing Counter Strike! The small hostal I am staying in is spartian but it does have a bathroom, shower, and a sink that are all in the same 5 by 3 foot space. A very interesting idea as it saves on space and still fits into the principal room that is 10 by 15 feet. I had supper from a street vendor and it seems as though EVERYONE in town knows that there is a white, american, pilot who is in town for the night.
Hopefully tomorrow morning I will be able to have good enough weather to fly back to Cashibo. The tenative plan is to pick up two people at a destination about 45 minutes away. The only catch is that their exact location is not know, only that they are at an intersection of two rivers. So that should be a challenge to find tomorrow. Thanks to eveyone who has been praying for safetly while flying. The Lord continues to grant safety.

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BW said...

Sounds like a cool night Dave! Hope you found the river intersection on Saturday!