Wednesday, August 19, 2009


One of the highlights of this past summer for me was the annual EAA (Experimental Aviation Association) fly-in and airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconson. When I am in the states, I usually try to go and the last few times have spent the whole week there. For an airplane nut there is plenty to see and do.

I had the chance to go to some aviation forums and learn about different topics that ranged from GPS units to fabric covering of airplanes. Some of my favorite things were walking the grounds talking with all the vendors, looking at airplanes, and sitting on the edge of a runway with my dad watching airplanes takeoff and land.

When I am in Peru, where there are only 50 airplanes in the whole country, I think about Oshkosh and how for one week every year over 10,000 airplanes are on location at Oshkosh. I think the only bad part of the whole week is that it ends all to quickly. But, there is always next year!

P.S. Sorry Uncle Mike, I will try better next time in my T-shirt selection.

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Linda said...

Hey Dave what is that?
Looks like a green oil rag.
Do you use it to change oil
on your planes?
Don't wear that again or
there WILL be trouble!
(Uncle Mike)