Monday, October 19, 2009

Cloud dancing

Another hot, humid, and sunny day in the jungle. Not quite rainy season yet so most of the puffy clouds are harmless to fly though. The only reason you wouldn't is because the "ride" can be a bumpy. Since there is pleny of sun and humidty in the jungle, as the day goes on puffy clouds billow up and shoot skyward, leaving white towers to fly around. Here is some video for today shot at 5'500 feet on the way back to Cashibo.


Ed said...

Even wilder, man!

Jack said...

David, The Uncontrolled Airspace podcast guys gave you a super report on the amazing work you are doing in Peru. they read quite a bit of your letter! Plus a good report on some of the challenges you face in order to fly. Blessings and Peace, Jack Merzig