Sunday, November 29, 2009

Down and Out

On Saturday the Internet was down all day. Couldn't load a single page and no combination of resetting all the resettables and re-plugging all the pluggables would bring it back.
On Sunday the power went out for almost 12 hours. The ice cream melted, soccer games went un-watched, and the water pressure petered out.
On weekends like this I think about the life of a missionary. Many times I think that I'm here to help people out and "save the world" (or jungle). Thats what my supporters sent me out here to do right? But when the internet goes down and the power goes off, I find my attitude is quite sour.
Its then that I remember that it does not matter how many hours I fly, sick people I bring to hospitals or engines I fix. God is more concerened about me being his disciple. That includes, as hard as it is to admit, my attitude. So while it may be very true that God is using me in my "job", He also is taking the daily challenges and giving me opportunites to grow.

So Lord, thanks for yesterday, thanks for today. Thanks for giving me opportunities to grow. Give me patience and help me choose to rejoice in You, regardless of my circumstances.


Ed said...

Thanks Dave. That was well said but also very heart-felt. We feel your pain and at the same time rejoice in your Godly attitude. Lord, help me to be your disciple as well.
I'm sure the ice cream did not go uneaten!

BW said...

I love it when God uses something like melted ice cream.

God Bless,


Hannah Murray said...

Thanks, David. Your ongoing desire to honor God with your attitude is a big encouragement and reminder to me. What a tragedy about the ice cream, though! I'm going to go check out my freezer now...

Helena said...

Hi...I spent 6 months in the mountains of Peru this year serving the Lord, and I TOTALLY feel for you and your non-electric and non-internet day!! ( I had one of those "been there, done that" feelings as I read. =)
Thanks so much for your heart for the Lord and the Peruvians! Keep up the good work and the good attitude!! =)
Helena Howe