Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Drama

No pictures to go with this one, but it was so good I have to write about it anyways. This evening my church, Mil Palmeras, but on an Easter drama. They started out by briefly reviewing the creation and the fall of man and his need for a savior. Then they acted out how man has turned from God and pursued his own things and how that sin separates him from God. They showed the trial and flogging of Christ and then they took one of the people who had been acting as a sinner and started nailing him to the cross. That is when the Christ figure, played by a man named Issak, told the solders to stop, and took the place of the sinner. For me it was quite powerful because I knew that I was that sinner and it was Christ taking my place for the punishment I deserved. It was quite special as Issak used to be a terrorist and was a member of the Shining Path before he became a Christian. To see his changed life reminded me that that is what a relationship with the King of Kings will do to people! Have a great Easter, He is Risen!


BW said...

I bless God for the drama Dave. Have a great Easter!


Helena said...

That was inspiring and touching! Thanks for sharing it!