Saturday, May 15, 2010


From time to time people will ask me if I can or if I do cook. The answer is usually something along the lines of, "Sort of, but not usually". I think the main reason I don't cook very much is that it just takes so much time and does not seem like its worth it just for one person to eat. One of the missionaries down here, Minori, taught me how to make Granola. She maybe did not realize it but that has taken care of 33% of my meals right there!

However, not wanting to subsist on fruit and macaroni for the remaining 66%, I decided to try my hand at the Peruvian classic Salchi-Papa (sausage and French fries). I was quickly reminded why I don't cook very often but here is how my latest cooking experience went.

- Went to corner store on motorcycle and purchased potatoes and of course more fruit. (15 min)

- Peeled and cut potatoes (5 min)

- Went back to the store to buy hotdogs to use as Sausage substitutes (10 min)

- Heated up oil to fry potato strips (10 min)

- Cut up sausage and fried it while waiting to oil to heat up. (10 min)

- Tested oil hotness by dropping some water in the pan (a hint or more likely practical joke I had heard about somewhere). Spent next 5 minutes cleaning up oil splatter on floor and stove, decided the oil indeed was hot enough. Fried potato strips. (20 min)

- Mixed equal parts Ketchup and Mayonnaise for French fry dipping sauce. (3 min)

Finally, an hour after starting, ate meal. (15 min)

- Washed dishes (10 min)

- Considered if it were worth the effort to cook something or if just fruit and macaroni were a less time involved process. (10 min)

- Decided that Orlando's Restaurant was the best alternative for the same about of time and money. Celebrated decision by eating a Popsicle. (5 min)


Ryan, Corrie, Max, and Jack said...

Ha ha, a Cubs cup! Sweet! Secondly, we had stoves like that while I was teaching in Suriname. Third, who the heck told you it was a good idea to drop water into oil??? Unfriend them, dude!

Anyway, Hi David! Are you going to be in Chicago this summer??

maygrrl said...

hahahahahahaha. You'll just have to come to our house more often to eat.