Wednesday, June 2, 2010


When I was in high school, I had a job washing corporate cars for a large auto design business in Holland, Michigan. We used to reposition cars between the local airport and many industrial plants. Occasionally we would reposition a REALLY NICE car that belonged to a company executive or vice president. One particular time I remember driving a green BMW M3 convertible. With the top down, the roar of the straight 6 engine, and wind in my (very short) hair, I thought I had the world by the tail!

Just a few weeks ago, I turned the trusty SAMAIR float plane in a convertible as well! Some of our passengers wanted to do a short 15 minute flight taking pictures and shooting video. Since the 206 is approved for flight with the rear cargo doors off, it was a simple matter of pulling 4 pins and installing the "deflector". The deflector attached to the front door hinges and deflects the wind from the propeller and slip stream so that it does not enter the cabin area.

The video shots turned out great and nobody fell out of the airplane so it was a success all the way around. For a brief moment, I was back in high school... only this time the doors were off, the roar was from a flat 6 cylinder engine, and I could feel the wind through my still very short hair.

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Ed said...

We'd love to see some of those video shoots or stills. Got any?