Sunday, July 4, 2010


I have this desk lamp that was given to me by a missionary leaving the field. Unfortunately it was not working. In the USA I imagine this would just be thrown out and you could pick up another one at Meijer or Ditto (its a Michigan thing). But in Peru, they fix things like this! Upon taking it apart, I discovered that the transformers was bad. No problem, I'll just go to the electronics store and buy another one. But I found out they don't sell transformers. However, they do REWIND them! This is a very slow process and something we would NEVER do in the USA, but in Peru labor is cheap. So I had a shop rewind the transformer for me. A couple solder joints later and now I have a working desk lamp!

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Jason A said...

That will now last long enough for you to show it to your grandkids. =)