Saturday, September 4, 2010

Road trip

After 6 weeks in Michigan, I left the comforts of my aunt and uncles house in exchange for 7 different beds in 10 days worth of traveling. Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Alabama are all on the list of stopping points... although I never knew I was really so close to Peru!

While traveling between Nashville, TN and Charlotte, NC I took a scenic route through the Appalachian mountains. If you have ever hear of a road called "Tail of the Dragon" (see youtube for video) this scenic route was similar to that.

Being an expert packer for my day job of moving missionaries and their stuff around, I managed to fit an 8 foot counter top inside the car to bring down for a project my dad was working on in Tennessee.

This Piper J-3 Cub models get a lot of attention. While in aviation school, I made this from welding rod and to much extra time in the welding lab. It sits in the back window and makes it easy to find the car.

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