Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Removing Paint

After removing the wings, landing gear, engine, and tail feathers, the paint was the next thing to come off! Be careful, contact with bare skin really burns!
This plane was a wheel plane from the factory back in 1980. This there was no corrosion proofing (standard with the factory float plane) under the original paint! The only good thing about it was that is came off really easily! Not like the epoxy primer and Imron that will be going back on when we are finished.

The windshield was replaced withing a year, thus we are trying to save it. All other windows are being replaced. Which is good because you could not see a thing out the rear! (That is the window we look out of to avoid for bird strikes... thats a pilot joke)


Ed said...

Lying on its side like that actualy makes it look like it's a wounded bird! Is that your truck and motorbike in back?

Dan Rogers said...

Hi David! We met someone named Daniel Geaslan and had he and wife Joy over for dinner last night! What fun to meet a friend of yours here in Nampa!