Sunday, May 13, 2007


One thing that I have noticed in Peru is the vastly different view we North Americans take concerning our chairs. Like many other things in the U.S., our chairs are comfortable. They have cushions and pads to sit on. They are the appropriate size for our bodies and have neat things like arm rests and even back support.

Some chairs have wheels on them that let us move around and are even adjustable up and down. Our chairs can swivel and rock back and forth. We even have the kind people at ART VAN invent chairs that fold out and support our legs and arms while we fall asleep in front of the TV. If that was not enough, (like many other things on the U.S.) our chairs can plug into the wall... allowing us to adjust the temperature or even give ourselves a massage. All this to say, in North America, we really know how to get comfortable.

In Peru, chairs are not where people get comfortable. I am honestly not sure where Peruvians do get comfortable but I know it is not their chairs. In the 2 weeks I have been here, am still looking for a comfortable chair. My experience thus far has only lead to a sore rear end and aching back.

Peruvian chairs have no padding, they are much smaller than the average North American chair, there are not wheels, no swivels, no pivots, no leg, arm, back, or lumbar supports. They dont plug into walls and the only massage is from riding on buses over rough roads and the only temperature control is "window open" or "window closed".

All if this is rather interesting and perplexing to a foreigner like myself. I could invest more brain power and energy on the subject and come up with some better and answers but I must stand up and walk around... you see, my chair is killing me.


K&E said...
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K&E said...

Que bueno que has llegado a Arequipa. Gracias por el e-mail. Que Dios te bendiga.
Kirk/Guille y Emily

Kerri said...

I think Costa Ricans take the same approach to chairs. I laughed at could relate to everything you wrote here.