Thursday, May 17, 2007

SI or not to SI

Thus far in Peru I have been able to get by with saying "Si" to just about every question I have been asked. The benefits are obvious, it is easy to remember and most of the time it satisfies the question. However, that did not work well the other day. Taking a taxi back from the town square, I way making some very minimal conversation with the driver when before you know it my fail safe "Si" had betrayed me and told the driver that I was married! Thankfully we arrived at home before it got any deeper or else I would have had kids as well...
Speaking with my host family has far more success than talk to taxi drivers. I don't know how I would have been able to practice as much Spanish if I lived by my self.
I especially enjoy meal times. We all sit together (on our small chairs) and have a Peruvian meal. Recently I have only been able to pick up a few words here in there in the conversation. Every once and a while someone will stop to fill me in but usually I just feel kind of funny while everyone splits a gut and I sit there with an odd smile in my face.
Aside from a few blunders here and there, I am understanding more and more. Just the other night I was offered a piece of desert. At first I did not understand what was said but after about 10 seconds the light went on and I understood the sentence. "You can have as much cake as you want." Boy are they going to be sorry...


Andrew R. Rogers said...

Si senor - entiendo lo que estas deciendo!

Great blog, great experiences you're sharing with us! Awesome!

If you get a second away from the studies, check mine out here:

-Andrew Rogers

Kerri said...

I understand this more than you will ever know.