Saturday, September 22, 2007

Back in the USA

I may be fairly young still but I do remember hearing a song on the radio with a line going something like this: Back in the USSR, you don't know how lucky you are.
I arrived back in the USA about 2 weeks ago and have settled in at the JAARS center where I am doing my Technical Orientation. Right now I am attending maintenance classes from 8-5 during the day. The classes are specific to the Cessna 206 airplane that we fly in Peru.

Once the maintenance portion is finished in 2 more weeks, I will begin the flight portion of the orientation. Again this will be with Cessna 206 airplanes just like we have in Peru. For those of you that are interested, these are C-206 G models, that have been modified to with heavy duty landing gear, Flint aero tip tanks, GAMI injectors, Continental IO-550 (300 hp) engine, and other structural beef ups including windshield V-brace, and Horton STOL kits. If some of that is Greek to you, then know that basically all these things are aftermarket modifications to make the plane, stronger, faster, and able to take the abuse that is associated with jungle flying.

I am enjoying myself though and prefer the technical classes instead of my Spanish classes for a change. So, even though I am not in the USSR, I still feel excited to be around airplanes again.

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Daniel said...

Isn't it a good feeling, being home. And yet, soon, you will miss the simple life of overseas.

Glad to hear you are back.