Sunday, October 14, 2007

Flying Videos!

This is pretty neat! I just found out that Blogger, the host of my blog, has added a new feature. It now allows direct up loads of videos! I am testing it out here and thought what better thing than a couple aviation videos. These videos are from my training here at the JAARS center. We have begun flying into some local grass strips in preparation for what I will see in Peru.
This particular strip called Edgemoore is about 10 minutes away and is 1650 long and 70 feet wide. In my next post I will go into greater detail about climb angles, slope, and calculating takeoff and landing performance, but here just note on the landing video how there is an audible "whistling" sound. These are the air vents and conveniently enough they start "coming on" at 58kts and change pitch all the way down to 48 kts. Our typical STOL (Short TakeOff and Landing) approach speed is 52-55 kts with a 350-450 feet per minute descent.
Also note the LARGE trees just off the left wingtip. This is why centerline control is very important. Those trees are level with out wings when we pass them and there is no more than 5 feet of clearance! Yup I am having fun!

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Jason A said...

Brother, the thought of you doing that for the Lord just makes me smile! Work hard, stay sharp, and try to stay in the Word at least as much as in the POH's!

Great videos. Does effective CRM include shooting video from the left seat? LOL! Appreciate the pics. Keep them coming.

Shot my first ILS last week at Saginaw. Gusty and bumpy, but I made it! It takes faith to follow a needle to 200' agl without looking outside. Glad to have a safety pilot in the right seat for encouragement.


Jason A.