Saturday, February 9, 2008


Two weeks ago, a group of us from Church organized a paintball outing here in Arequipa. We were able to contact the ONLY place that did paintball and they told us to show up at 11am as they would be ready for us. Well, we did show up at 11 and the owners of the place did not show up until an hour later. Note: the non-Peruvians were a bit put-out but all of our Peruvian friends were much more agreeable.

We got ourselves suited up, selected our "markers" (guns) as they are called, and were given a paltry 50 rounds each. Anyone that has played before know that 50 rounds is about enough for one or two games, but the stuff is imported from the USA and thus hard to come by. We ended up playing for about an hour and had a good time bonding together. Perhaps guys are the only people that can "bond" while shooting at each other...


Ed said...

It doesn't look like you in any of the pictures, but then again, who can tell? Sounds like you were lucky to even find Paint Ball in the city! You'll have to go again sometime soon, incognito!

Heidi said...

Hey David,
I love reading your blog and hearing that you are doing so well. You are probably enjoying much nicer weather than our subzero temps. We will keep you in our prayers!
Zach, Heidi, Braden & Tyler