Monday, February 4, 2008


This past sunday was the Superbowl. I was able to find out that "Fox Sports Latin America" was going to carry the game live! So I made some plans and invited a few people over to watch the game. I was able to borrow the projector from my church here in Arequipa, and using a mishmash of cables and connectors, finally figured out a way to get the picture projected on the living room wall of my host home.

After more fussing around with cables, a set of speakers, and 2 VCRs, I was able to get sound out of one channel of the TV and used a remote second speaker to complete the "surround sound" experience. It was even possible to record the game on VHS cassette for another missionary!

I have to say, after growing accustomed to watching soccer down here were a game last for 90 minutes and no more, it was pretty close to torture watching the game for over 4 hours and pausing every 5 minutes for 2 minutes of commercials. Everything was of course in Spanish and I spent a fair bit of time trying to explain the rules to my Peruvians friends... which, when everything was said and done, they still did not understand the game. Perhaps the worst part was answering who my favorite team was and why they were not in the Superbowl. One of these days those Detroit Lions will make it!

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Ed said...

Ya done good, like they say. All those cables and hook-ups. They can prove to be quite a challenge. I remember going over to Dawson's (across the street) and asking him if we could watch the football game on their cable set up. I tried everything, but it ended by my blowing up their power source! I was scrambling to get it fixed before Dawson came home. I finally had to call in Ted Jantz to help me. My face was red on that one.