Tuesday, August 12, 2008

From the Logbook

I just got back on Monday from a 4 day trip to the city of Tarapoto. I was there with two of our SAM missionaries who were racing in a motocross event. More on that along with pictures in the next post, but I did want to mention that we took both motorcycles along with the 3 of us to and from Tarapoto in our Cessna 206. It was another 3 hours of flight time for me and I thought I would give a quick update from my pilot logbook.

Total time logged flying in Peru: 82.8 hours
Total Cross country (more than 50 miles away) 45.0
Total float plane time: 65.9

For being in Pucallpa for around 5 months, I am starting to fly more and more. On a busy month, a fully checked out pilot can log up to 80 flight hours! I´m not there yet, but I am getting more and more experience.


Christi said...

That is awesome David! It is always exciting to hear that you are getting to fly more.

BW said...

Hey Dave -

Glad to hear that your able to get more flying time and put that cool looking helmet. I'm thinking you could try to land a float plane on the Black River when you come home!? :)

God Bless - Barry