Thursday, August 28, 2008


One month ago, one of the missionaries down here introduced me to homemade granola. It was quite tasty and an instant breakfast hit. Unfortunately I ran out last week and had not where to go to get more! Then it occured to me that I could try to make more. I weighed this against all the other options that I had. 1) Could not buy granola because they don't sell it here. 2) Could not steal from the other missionary because they might kick me out of the mission. 3) Find some way to magically fabricate more granola.
Well, I decided that option 3 would be the best and so I set out to "whip up" some granola. Now anyone who tells you that cooking is easy or relaxing is either not telling to truth or has a morbid sense of humor. As I slaved away for 2 hours carefully measuring out ingredients, turning random oven knobs hoping for a fire to ignite in the proper place, burning all the good hair that I had left on my knuckles, and finally setting of 2 of the 3 smoke alarms in the house... I finally had my granola!
So rest assured that I will be just fine for the next few weeks. Breakfast will be a peacefully and filling affair, but I;m sure of one thing. Next time I'm just gona save myself all the hassle go with option #2!


Christi said...

Good job! I am impressed that you actually made granola. However next time just ask for can save youself time and knuckle hair! You know I am always willing to help you out :D

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine breakfast is ever a peaceful affair with you... I believe someone once compared your cereal bowl habits to a fire alarm... :). Talk to you soon speedy. (from Nathan)

Daniel said...

That is so awesome. Welcome to cooking on your own overseas.

Lol. I don't envy you at all.

I recommend stealing from Jon and Karen. They're likely to actually have mercy on you and just give you the granola, rather then kick you out of the mission.

Frankly, I just eat the left over pizza.

Anonymous said...

good to hear what's going on in Peru! FYI, I have a friend who is touring through Peru right now. I gave him your information in case he needs someone to contact in an emergency. His name is if you get a stranger phone call:) I would love to come visit you. Maybe next summer? I love your blog.
your cousin, Heather

Ed said...

Granola? Isn't that what you grew up with? Mom used to make it all the time in PZ country. Do you remember? It's quick, it's nutritous, it's wholesome.

Anonymous said...

So...we read about "Granola" ages ago...>yawn<...this blog is getting boring:)