Monday, January 26, 2009

Jungle Flights

In December, I had a flight for a missionary family that was going back to their village location about an hour flight away. It was a sad occasion because the family was leaving Peru and was returning to the USA after over 6 years of ministry in Peru and Brazil. I stayed with them for a night in the village as they said goodbye, then they left in a boat to travel 45 minutes down steam to where there is a rare straight part in the river long enough to take off from. I flew the 3 minutes to the location as taking off from right in front of the village is marginal and only ever done with one person and a very low fuel load. After securing all the cargo, we were off the water for the last time. It was a quiet ride back to Pucallpa.

Fortunately, I found out just this month that there is a new missionary family that will be taking over the work out in this community! So, I am happy that SAMAIR will get to keep serving the people and missionaries in that location.

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Ed said...

We're cheering for you Dave. Keep up the good work!