Sunday, January 4, 2009

One piece!

During the New Years holiday, I had a couple of days to work on my motorcycle. I had assembled all the parts and pieces to the point where I would be able to ride it once again! After starting it up I put it in first gear and it pronptly stalled. Eveidently there was a problem with the clutch and it was not free wheeling. So, I took the clutch cover off and started rooting around in there looking for the problem. Thankfully I found a washer that had not been placed in the correct location and was causing the clutch basket to bind. Anyways, after putting the washing in the correct location everything was free to spin again! Now, I have a working motorcyle again and it only took 5 months to get it to that point. I'll be able to return a friends motorcycle that I was borrowing and start using my own. It was nice to finish my New Year's resolution so quickly and have my bike all in one piece again!

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