Thursday, February 25, 2010

Table Talk

The goal was to make a table where we would be able to wash of grease parts at the hanger. Normally you can buy a parts washer at Home Despot or Grainger... but in Pucallpa you just have to make your own. So that is what we did.
Here is the table, anchored to the wall and ready for the metal covering.

They don't sell dowels here so I had to turn down a square piece of wood on a lathe to make my own...

Dave Kooistra makes quick work with the jig saw and cuts a hole for the drain.

Bang in the dowel and cut it off flush with a hacksaw blade.

Dave Kooistra had had the genius idea to but a funnel below the table to help catch all the solvent that drains off.

All done, one parts washing table at our service. Now if we could just find some solvent... they don't sell that in Pucallpa either.

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The Kenaston Family said...

Awesome guys! Bet you long for the US stores, but be proud of actually being able to do it yourselves!