Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Monkey Meat

Over the weekend, I had the chance to bring some elderly missionaries back to the village where they had lived and worked for 10 years back in the 60's. Yes, that would be the 1960's! There has been an evangelical church for many years in the village of Caimito, but this was a special occasion as we were attending the dedication of a new church building.

As these types of things seem to go, there was plenty of pomp as prayers of dedication were held, ribbins were cut and we all filled in to sit on wood benchs in the first row while scores of villagers stood in the back listening to the Word preached for the first time in their new church building. After the service, as guests of honor (pilots are always included even though all we do is fly the airplane) we were served the first portions of a late lunch. Noodles with monkey meat!

The elder missionary that was with us made sure that I received the good parts, like the hand, to pick at. What did it taste like? Beef. Really salty beef. Since there is no refrigeration in the village, salt is used to help preserve the meat. It was like chewing on a dear lick. In the words of an old time JAARS pilot, "where He leads me I will follow, what He feeds me I will swallow."


Jason A said...

LOL! I do notice the bright green bottle of Sprite to wash it down. =)

Blessings to ya,

Jason A.

The Roberts Six said...

Oh, that's hilarious. Nice picture...

Goes down, stays down, must be all good!

Helena said...

I laughed at the quote! Great pictures and that was a neat story about the missionaries and the church! :)

Ed said...

I have to "hand it" to ya Dave. All that monkey business, very nicely washed down with a bottle of warm Sprite. Back in the village, when you were about 2 years old, we let you chew/gnaw on a chicken foot. You're making good progress. What's next? Elephant hoof?