Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cracked Bulkhead

One of the major problems we found during the rebuild project was a cracked landing gear bulkhead. Its hard to say how long this had been cracked, but given its location, hidden behind the landing gear, it would have been close to impossible spotting it during an inspection. Here is a close up picture.

This is the new bulkhead after trial fitting it and back drilling the holes for the bolts and rivets that hold it in place.

Mechanic Dave uses a "specialty tool" to install the bulkhead in place.

Any guess at how much this part cost? $1000!

Dave is all smiles despite the fact that this was a two week setback.

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Jason A said...

So do you have to buy Cessna mfg parts? That has to eat a hole in the budget.... No chance of farming that out to a reputable machine shop?