Tuesday, July 17, 2007


In Latin America Futbol (soccer) is the game of choice. Recently the Copa America just finished with Brazil beating Argentina to claim the championship. For the last 3 weeks much of Peru was huddled around the Television as the Peruvian nation team struggled just to make it to the second round. Shops were closed and every available radio set was tuned to the matches. Now that the Copa America is over, I am not really sure what we are all going to do with all our spare time.

I did have the opportunity to visit a local futbol game here in Arequipa. I went with another missionary and experienced a true rivalry as Arequipa played another professional team from Cusco, Peru. The match ended in a 2-2 draw but I still considered it a success due to the fact that we had inadvertently sat in the Cusco cheering section!


Linda said...

Yahoo! Another blog entry from Dave! (I'm a big fan. :>)
Hey, I recognize Mr. Salvatierra becuz I stumbled upon their blog as well and spent some time on it the other night. So much fun to read! I feel like I know a lot more about Arequipa now. Congrats on the fun at the "futbol" game. You're lookin' good.

Carol Hochhalter said...

Hi, Dave... good to hear from you and see what is going on in your life! WE prayed for you this morning at Park Church...we'll continue to pray that the bike makes it through. Have a great day!
Carol Hochhalter

Daniel said...

Congratulations on not getting killed! That sounds like fun. Hey, when are you coming back to the US? Could I talk you into trying to find a Peruvian Futbol jersey for me? It would have to be huge (XXL). So like, twice your size. I know that that will be difficult to find. I'll be glad to pay for it.