Friday, November 30, 2007

Sport Life

I made it a goal once I got back to Peru, that I wanted to get more physical activity. Since sitting in school and riding the bus was not doing enough, I started going to the Sport Life gym that is just a few minutes away on bicycle. It is located in a fairly new building and is owned by one of the professional tennis players from Peru. There is a first floor gift shop, the second floor is a hair saloon, the third floor has weight lifting equipment, the four floor is cardio, and the firth floor s used for lessons like dance and "spinning".

You almost forget that you are in Peru when you go there because the weight machines all have instructions printed in english and each floor has a "personal trainer" that walks around keeping track of people during their work out. My first day there, they took a bunch of measurements, asked me what my training goals were, and set me up with a routine and schedule.

So I am enjoying the gym a few days a week after my language classes. It is also an opportunity to practice spanish with my "personal trainer". On Thursday I meet a guy named Carlos, we started talking and he was very open with me. He is not a Christian but I can tell that he is searching for something in his life. Pray that I would be able to share with him the Good News of Jesus Christ and also be a good testimony.
Oh yes, just in case you were worried about me on the 4th floor of this building, according to the signs, I am in an earthquake secure building.

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Ed said...

That almost as much fun as me on my trainer in the basement!