Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving in Peru

I returned to Peru this past week after spending a little over 2 months in the USA. The first week I was back happened to be the week of Thanksgiving. So on Thursday evening after my Spanish classes, a big group of us from language school got together for the evening. It was an international affair as we had people from Peru, the USA, England, Canada, Germany, and Switzerland!
The missionaries who hosted the event are from Tennessee and gave a wonderful display of southern hospitality. There was no shortage of food to be sure. We were also able to watch some American Football via the internet. I spent a little time trying to explain the game to some of the Germans who were there but I don't think got very far.

The evening was rounded out by singing a few songs together and sharing what we were thankful for. As a superb sunset slowly faded, we shuffled back to our respective homes, full and thankful for our newfound fiends in Peru.

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Mike and Kelly said...

Happy Thanksgiving David!