Monday, November 12, 2007

Technical Orientation finished

I completed my Technical Orientation at JAARS on November 5th and returned to Michigan for a short 12 day period to see some family and friends. I have included a picture of my Mountain week group that I spent 1 week with in the mountains of North Carolina doing some flight training. My orientation ended well and I was given the blessing to continue on towards Peru.

While rare, there have been people that reached orientation and could not put it together or keep up with the fast pace. I was thankful to finish and do well but it still amazes me that I could have been that far down the road and still not be allowed to do what I had trained for this whole time!
As a pilot, there is always the chance that a small accident could take away your medical/pilot certificates very quickly. It reminds me of our position as Christians on this earth, we at any moment could have an accident and be up in Heaven before we know it. Good thing all of this is in God's control and sovereignty!

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