Sunday, October 26, 2008

100 Pieces

About 2 months ago, I lent my motorcycle out to someone who was going on a four day trip with some other missionaries. On the last day of the trip, he had an accident and ended up breaking his foot and banging up the motorcycle pretty good as well. In fact, the engine case was damaged and it would leak about a quart of oil every week. I finally was able to receive a new case which I ordered from the USA. It was back ordered for a month so but I was able to keep the bike going by using a trick a friend had taught me with his 1966 Ford Galaxy. Whenever you stop, fill up the oil and check the gas.

I started working on the engine once I received the new case, but once everything was in about 100 parts, I found out that I needed a couple new bearings and oil seals. So my motocycle is in 100 pieces while I wait again for 3-4 weeks as my parts come from the USA. I have been able to borrow a friends motorcycle during this time and am taking every caution to make sure I don't damage his bike!

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Anonymous said...

ah the old 66... brings back memories :). Actually with the way that thing drank gas you had to top off both gas and oil at each stop. Who's bike are you borrowing? Hope you can keep that right side up :).