Friday, January 7, 2011

Birthday Flying

On my birthday, December 27th, I celebrated by getting checked out into a new airstrip. This one is called Santa Rosa de Serejal. This is a community where we pick up people who are working on translating the Bible into their own language. They come Pucallpa where they work for 2 weeks and then go back to their village.

The interesting thing about this one was that after Craig (the other pilot) and I landed, we found a number of holes is in the runway! They keep cows on the airstrip and sometimes they make holes in soft areas after it rains. Thankfully we stopped about 20 feet before one of these holes (which we could not see until we walked the airstrip)!

The villagers filled the holes in with dirt and I got the chance to do 3 takeoffs and landings. They went well and I am officially checked out in one more place. As my friend Dave K. says, I am 93% of a SAMAIR pilot.

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