Monday, August 13, 2007

Broken Wrist

Well, this past Saturday I was playing soccer with the other students from the language school and I managed to break my left wrist. The only person I can blame is myself because all I did was step on the ball while I was dribbling. I went right down to the concrete and landed on my wrist. It did not hurt very much so I finished the rest of the game... but on Sunday afternoon I decided that it would be wise to get it checked out since it hurt in certian positions. It was hard to write as well as since I am left handed. Sure enough the doctors said I had a fracture of my ulna bone.The ulna is the forearm bone on the pinky finger side, the radius bone is on the thumb side.

It is hard to see on the X-ray but there is a small crack across the top of the ulna, I am pointing to it in the picture. Thankfully it is not a bad break so it did not have to be set... this can be very painfull as I have experienced that before. I only need a cast for 3 weeks and should be close to 100% after that!

One thing that was amazing was the cost for everything. First off, why don't you guess at what this similar treatment would cost in the USA... Here is break down, converted into dollars, for what I paid here in Peru.

Hospital entry fee: $6

X-rays: $8

Consultation with specialist doctor: $53

Acrylic Cast: $33 (I could have opted for the $7 plaster cast)

Five day supply of Voltaren: $5 (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug)

Total: $105

For some things, it's GOOD to be in Peru! Please pray with me for good healing as in 4 weeks I will be returning to the USA for a two month flight orientation and I need me left hand to fly with. I am also left handed so I will have to learn to do some things differently for 3 weeks. Thanks for praying.


Jason said...

You could still fly the champ at Allegan. Only have the throttle on the left side! g! I've broken the same bone twice. Be careful and don't overdo it. Let it heal.

Tempting to move my family down there just for the medical care! You probably paid cash and didn't have to do paperwork either, Right?

Hope you get flying soon,

Jason Apol & Fam

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I can't believe you broke your wrist!

I'm glad to hear y'all are ok in Arequipa. You're a lot closer than we are here in Pucallpa. Wierd that we could feel it so strongly here so far away... I think we're even on a different tectonic plate than it occurred on. Hmmm...

I hope your arm heels soon.

David said...

Jason, can you send me an e-mail to I wanted to get in touch with you but lost your e-mail and phone number. Thanks.