Thursday, August 16, 2007


As many of you know, Peru experienced a 7.6 earthquake yesterday evening. The center was off shore in the Pacific ocean near the town of Ica, Peru. Arequipa, where I am studying Spanish, is about 500 miles away. We experienced a gentle swaying of the houses and many people who were outside did not feel anything. Needless to say the affects here were minimal.

From what I have heard, there are close to 400 people who have died in the Ica/Nazca area of Peru. Incredibly I was in Ica just 2 weeks ago for vacation. See the post entitled SAND DUNES.

Thank you again for your concerns and prayers.


Linda said...

Hey Dave,
We're at the Ottens and everyone says hi: Zach, Heidi, Bradon, Aunt Mary and Dawn, Uncle Jeff, Ryan.
We're glad you're doing OK and weathering the broken wrist and a major earthquake!
The three sisters just finished a week at the cabin in Door County. We had a GREAT time.
The extended family says we can either have our early Thanksgiving on the weekend of Nov 3 or Nov 17 so whichever works best for you is fine.
Love from everyone,

Daniel said...

Dude, I wish I was there.

When do you come back? Where will you be?