Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Peruvian Fork Lift

While I was in Pucallpa last week during vacation, I was able to receive my long awaited shipment! As near as I can tell everything made it although many things were in different boxes than I originally packed them in. Despite my best efforts to secure my motorcycle and tools boxes, the custom agents cut my ratcheting straps that were securing my bike and tool boxes... thus am out 4 new ratchet straps and have some new scratches on my tool boxes and motorcycle. Here are some before and after shots.

I can see how this type of thing happens though, the customs agents in Lima (the port of entry for Peru) cut the straps to look at stuff and go through eveything, then they throw everyting back in to boxes and off it goes on trucks over bumpy roads. Plus, everything thing is moved by hand! That is the original Peruvian forklift. I watch one of my crates get "rolled" end over end because it was to heavy to move. Never mind the big RED arrows I had put on all the crates. Oh well, like I said, everything did make it to Pucallapa and is currently waiting there for me once I finish language school in March of '08.

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Daniel said...

Hey, at least it made it!