Friday, August 3, 2007

Sand Dunes

During the first week of my vacation from language school, I had the chance to visit Ica, Peru. The method of transportation was bus and after almost 12 hours we arrived in Ica, Peru. I traveled with three other missionaries who are currently in Arequipa studying Spanish with me.

Ica is known for its sand dunes and wine vineyards. Our hotel was located in an Oasis surrounded by towering sand dunes and a small pond in the center of the sand bowl. I was able to make friends with the resident monkey that lives in the hotel court yard. I wonder if these make good pets?

A highlight was going for a 2 hour dune buggy ride on the sand dunes. We all had the chance to try "sand boarding" and had a great roller coaster-like ride thanks to our "loco" (crazy) driver.

A second highlight was visiting 2 different vineyards. The first was very traditional in that all the work was done by hand. If we had visited at the right time we could have helped squash grapes by tromping around knee deep in the "squashing pit". The second Vineyard was over 200 years and was founded by Italians.
With modern equipment and facilities, the second Vineyard was close to something you would see in the USA. Of course I found the old John Deere tractor to be the most amusing thing...


Linda said...

Sounds like you had some fun times on vacation. Since you were able to post pictures again does that mean you're back in Arequipa?

Anonymous said...

Hey! Nice blog.

Thanks for coming by to say hey the other day... Sorry I was so out of it!

A little heads up on the monkey... Sarah and I always thought it would be fun to have a pet monkey until we house sat for a student who had one and it went to the bathroom on everything/everyone and ate our fruit! They're fun and super cute, but kinda messy.